I am currently working on a new project called “Future Women” which highlights a contrast between abstract and figurative. My work has been mostly abstract until now, but I wanted to add a tangible, human element to my natural style, to see where it would take me, see if it would move me and the viewer in a new and exciting way.

I created an abstract background using different techniques and then inspired by glamourous women from the 1920s and 1930s, found the right combination in order to create a unique painting.

I have always been passionate about art from a young age, I used to watch my father in his studio creating something incredible. Most of his artworks were made with ink on canvas reproducing glimpses of our native city Rome, or portraits of characters from the past.

Since then I wanted to test my skills in art by copying famous paintings by Picasso, Fernand Leger, Modigliani, and to my surprise, I realised that I had a gift, I was able to reproduce famous paintings of inestimable value.

I wasn’t happy to copy works by other artists however, I wanted to realise something that mirrored myself following my emotions and feelings.

So, I started to attend some painting courses where I was introduced to abstract art.

It was a revelation to me! So, inspired by Gerhard Richter’s style, I began experimenting with a squeegee technique, dragging different combinations of colours across the canvas to create an intriguing effect. I explored this for some time, honing and fine-tuning until it was something resembling my own style. Next, I began to explore creating a base using acrylic plaster with a spatula, after being fascinated by a book on the works of Frank Bowling. I was delighted to find that the textures created this way made the acrylic paint I applied afterwards to cling to it in beautiful ways, creating fascinating and subtle colour combinations. I have used this technique ever since and it has become my signature style.

It became a serious business at this point, as people began to appreciate my work and my paintings were selling online around the world more regularly. I am always finding ways of pushing myself and moving forward into new areas. A Kickstarter campaign in 2020 helped me to reach a wider audience and bring in more money to invest in my company. I also used it as a launchpad to branch out into creating the highest quality prints of my work, so that my paintings can be bought again and again, as well as creating products such as beautiful silk scarves showcasing my work.

What you are seeing now in my latest collection, is me using my signature style in a new and exciting way. I’m always at my best when I’m slightly out of my comfort zone and testing my abilities. This is when my best results come. I want to remain true to my feelings, but temper this with new ideas to combine them with, to create something engaging and moving for the viewer.

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