Our bedrooms are the spaces we retreat to find peace. It is our own personal corner of the world and should be one of the areas of our home that we truly place ownership on. Often overlooked in favour of rooms that see more foot traffic, the bedroom is worthy of being a priority to tailor to our own tastes however we may desire.

Original artwork is one of the best ways to customise your bedroom and make it truly unique. It is your chance to choose a piece of art that acts as visual escapism for you, that speaks to you personally. It is a room that should provide you enough comfort to be blissfully lost in.

You will have likely added creative, personal touches to your bedrooms in your parent’s house, or your university halls. You felt free to express yourself and make your mark, but now you can truly invest in your space. You have total control of the environment you create. The small touches you may have mastered, and you may have been brave enough to remove the echoing technology from your bedroom – but choosing a piece of large, original artwork for your eyes only is the ultimate way to truly take ownership of your bedroom.

Large pieces of original abstract artwork offer you a great deal of freedom. They can be undefined enough to grow and transform with you. You can lose yourself in discovering new ways to look at the painting in a room dedicated to your own dreams. They should ease you into a state of inspiration.
Paintings can influence and transform the ambience of a room heavily. In your bedroom, it is important to choose a painting that is gentle and soothing. Pick something that brings your mind to a peaceful place, with softer colours. Paler shades of blues, purples and greens all naturally bring your mind into a pleasant, serene state.

Gradients that reach darker, richer shades will lull you into the snug comfort of your bedroom and will bring warmth and intimacy to your bedroom. Using a large painting on the wall in your bedroom can optically bring the ceiling down to turn the room into a cosier, retreating space. You can enhance this illusion by opting for an abstract painting that has a very clear colour gradient and painting your ceiling in a tone that will match the tones near the top of your chosen original painting, and furnish your bed with the deeper colours you can pick out of the art. The bolder may even consider using their ceiling space to display their artwork – it is largely the first place you will see in a day, and the last place you will see in the evening.

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