Choosing art for your home can feel like a complex and intimidating prospect, and the most common piece of advice given is a limitless proposal to “buy what you love”. While this is certainly true – and is technically the only valid reason required to buy a piece of art – there are plenty of things you can consider to help you decide how a piece of art may compliment your home.

A large piece of art can transform a room and turn a functional collection of furniture dictated by the necessity of traversable paths and storage space into a feature within a personal living space.


Your living room is the perfect room to install a large piece of feature artwork and should be the one you have the most fun with. The living room is one of the best places to express yourself when it comes to decorating your house. It is likely both your most commonly used room and the one you will invite your guests into most often. Your living room should be unique to you, and it is a great idea to choose a large, original artwork or even a commissioned piece within this room. Artwork in your living room should be conversational and inviting, making large abstract pieces excellent choices for living rooms.

If you have a large sofa, it can be great to fill the void above it with original artwork or a commissioned piece of art. Equally, you can use a blank wall that is within view of the sofa in order to add presence to blank walls. The most important walls in the living room are the ones without the television on them.

Artwork does not always need to match your sofa – but it can complement it. Once again, pick artwork because you love it. Allow yourself the freedom to pick what you think looks good, and remember that the unique artwork you choose for this room is what will give life to your living room.

Deciding between an original art piece or commissioned art piece has a few factors to consider. Budget will of course play a factor – original artworks can vary vastly in price and do not always have to command jaw-dropping prices. There are lots of very talented and great artists who have original artwork at affordable costs available for purchase online through their websites. A great place to look for artists if you are looking for an original, unique piece or a commission is on social media.

The best way to get a unique piece of original artwork or a commission is to deal directly with the artist. Usually, artists will have their own stores that you can purchase original artwork directly from. You will also be able to browse their total collection to find the pieces that appeal to you most. Alessandra’s artwork can be bought online and shipped all across Europe with ease. Dealing directly with the artist also allows you the possibility to request a commission, if you have fallen in love with their style but have a particular colour pallet you would like for your own Living Room.

You can also find curated collections of art for sale from various artists on some online stores as well as within your local galleries if you are looking for inspiration or a broader understanding of what art you may be interested in looking for – themes, styles and colours can all be used to refine your search and discover the artist and their artwork that you will invite into your home.

A large commissioned or original artwork feature piece in your living room is a great starting point for building your art collection, but you should also feel some freedom to implement smaller print artworks in areas around eye level. You can be more casual with where you place these, on desks or small tables – even in the corner of the room. Buying prints is a more affordable way to still enhance the theme and personality of a room, and shelves, desks, and tabletops within your living room can be given a personality beyond how they looked online while diverting attention away from the sterile black boxes and cables of our modern appliances.

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