Your dining room is the theatre of your household. It’s a room for entertainment, for a performance by you and your guests. A piece of original artwork in your dining room can act as the perfect backdrop to add an ambiance for an evening that will last as an experience within people’s memories. Your dining room is your route to introduce yourself to people with your first attempt at the dish that will live on in your relationship as your signature for dinner parties.

The dining room is an intimate and expressive place – it is a place for you to share a part of yourself with others, and any artwork you choose should encourage the experience you hope to offer. Entering the dining room should feel like an event, and the decor should differentiate itself thematically from the rest of your house.

Original abstract artwork is perfect for the dining room, where you should feel comfortable being bolder with the colour palettes you make use of. Abstract art can add a “wow”-factor to your room. It can be eye-catching and conversational. It frees a room and avoids assigning a rigid theme, allowing you and your guest’s imagination and creativity to flow without defining a specific time or place.

So what colours should you be considering to compliment your dining room performance? Of course, the most important reason to buy any piece of art is simply that you like it, but certain colours by themselves will enhance and compliment a different atmosphere by themselves.

Deep reds can seem like an overly commanding decision, but they are perfect for infusing a room with a passion and vibrancy that still remains versatile. Flickering candles can enhance a romantic evening at home against a red backdrop, and the warm dancing of the flame will illuminate the intricacies of a piece of abstract art when paired with your favourite bottle of red wine and your anecdote of its discovery. Reds will bathe a room in luxury, and there is a reason theatres will drape themselves in opulent red velvets. An abstract painting with stand-out red tones will fill your dining room with energy.
Blues, especially those that lay in the navy end of the spectrum, will add depth to a room and enrich it. Blues can be mellowing and sophisticated; they can provide a serene environment in the daylight and bathe the room in mystery as darker tones reveal themselves. Abstract art can develop with the light; you will be amazed by the way a painting can transform within a room throughout the day – from peaceful to deep and moody.

Greens are a great choice to bring life to a room, they can create a vivarium of tranquillity and natural, comfortable luxury. An abstract painting with green tones will expand the window space into your dining room, whether inviting the foliage of a natural view in or adding an earthen enhancement to a cityscape. It will add vitality to your dining space that you and your guests can relax in. Greens can be bright and airy in a lighter setting or cosy, elegant and deluxe as the evening progresses and the light dims.

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