We are proud to present Alessandra’s latest series of paintings: “Elements”.

This beautiful and distinctive series is characterised more by it is subject matter, whilst maintaining her trademark style of combining textures and blended acrylic colours. Alessandra was inspired by the natural world for these paintings and in particular, the view of the sky, the sun and space that are always so mesmerising.

Keep an eye out for more additions as this is a theme that is very special to Alessandra. With ‘Elements’ you can see an obvious lineage with Alessandra’s recent work which conjures depth and resonance through textures created by plaster. However, it also highlights how her style has developed and added new approaches over time.

“I quite often seem to have recurring themes that resonate with me and I keep coming back to. My fascination with travel and the wonder of our natural world is one of them. You can see echoes of this in paintings such as ‘Golden Escape’ and ‘Taste of Ocean’.I like to work with less rigid forms and shapes. It’s often remarked upon by people that they can see many other images and worlds within my paintings and that’s in part due to my intention to keep things fairly ambiguous with the meaning so that my work is never too literal and therefore becomes very personal. The right combination of complementary colours that are immediately suggestive of a place or in this case, natural phenomena, are always the starting point for me. From there, it’s all about mood and feelings for me. I want to put across a feeling or a mood that has inspired me to paint about it in the first place and I let my emotions guide me to the effect and result I’m after.”

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