Red Art

Old News

Old News is an original artwork created with acrylic colours on canvas.
The edge is painted in black and ready to be hung up.
It will be sent with a certificate of authenticity.

This is another in a series of paintings employing the use of regal gold in it’s the colour scheme, as well as the acrylic plaster base of many paintings at this time. The newspaper has also been applied to the base before adding the layers of black and white, while the glimmering top coat of gold gives a feel of decadence and lavishness. Gold is usually associated with the elusive promise of wealth and being an artist, satisfying my creative pull and potential are sometimes at odds with the need to provide and live a comfortable life. There is always the dream to combine the two in perfect harmony.
My experimentation with applying the paint with various utensils continues as I used a narrow-toothed spatula to add scratching of texture to the three colours and create layers of intrigue within them.

My point of view:

I think that there is never a right or wrong way to make art.
The most important thing is trying. Do not raise any barriers that prevent you from expressing yourself.
Just do it and make something.


Project Details

  • Title: Old News

  • Size: 80x80x2cm

  • Style: Abstract

  • Made in: London

  • Year made: 2020

  • Signature type: Signed on the front

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