Red Art

Emerald Glow

Emerald Glow is an original artwork created with acrylic colours on canvas. The edge is painted in black and ready to be hung up. It will be sent with a certificate of authenticity.

I have always been fascinated with fairy tales and fantasy. With this painting, I wanted to create something reminiscent of being lost in the imagined world of a children’s book or fantastical movie.
Where the landscapes and setting are from another place or time that is scarcely believable. The “Emerald Glow” of the acrylic green on the left contrasting with the subterranean flecks on the right suggest a magical underwater world, where dreams come to life.

My point of view:

I think that there is never a right or wrong way to make art.
The most important thing is trying. Do not raise any barriers that prevent you from expressing yourself.
Just do it and make something.

Project Details

  • Title of Artwork: Emerald Glow

  • Size: 80x120x2cm

  • Style: Abstract

  • Made in: London

  • Year Made: 2020

  • Signature Type: Signed on the back

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