This year, Alessandra Viola has been earned the opportunity to have her work displayed at The London Art Biennale. Taking place at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, the 5th edition of the London Art Biennale is an art exhibition that runs from the 1st until the 4th of July 2021. General admission to the London Art Biennale is open to the public and free. Showcasing artwork from a variety of artists who have been curated from a list of applicants throughout the year, The London Art Biennale not only gives successfully selected artists an opportunity to have their work displayed in the internationally acclaimed exhibition but also enters their work to be shortlisted by a panel of art critics and appreciators to earn awards at the show – varying from monetary prizes to opportunities such as placements in other distinguished exhibitions.

 “We received a lot of very good work and have done our best to showcase a selection that presents an excellent as well as artistically diverse exhibition for the public.

  • The London Biennale

Exhibiting the artwork of 454 artists this year, The London Art Biennale 2021 posted its final selections in May which was described as a “truly difficult selection”. Curated by Gagliardi Gallery in conjunction with the International Confederation of Art Critics and the Chianciano Art Museum, The London Art Biennale is a museum-quality award exhibition, with this year’s theme being “Resonance”, as decided by Artistic Director Es Devlin.

“Signs Of Life” is an abstract painting created by Alessandra Viola in her exploration of a technique called “squeegee”, inspired by artists such as Gerhard Richter. This technique involves using foam, homemade ‘squeegees” to push paint through a screen and onto the canvas surface – “obliterating, concealing and distorting what lies beneath”.

All of my paintings are an extension of my feelings and a way of expressing the depths of my thoughts.

  • Alessandra Viola

Alessandra Viola’s painting is an abstract artwork spawned from a period of anxiety and depicts a battle of three forces. Black blends into greys as darkness and mystery are illuminated and purified by white across the canvas. The muddled complexities of greys can show the gradient that exists when two opposing, rigid binary forces exist within the same space. The bold, deep crimson red acts as the vitality of the painting – the “Sign of Life” – passionate, warm and loving. Alessandra believes the red to act as a life-giving sun within this otherworldly, expressionist artwork.

Alessandra Viola is a self-taught Italian abstract artist, her paintings have been collected by art lovers across the globe. Alessandra’s work possesses that unique quality found in all great art; it connects on a deep level with the viewer and elicits a strong emotional response. Through her bold use of colour, texture and evocative abstract forms, she draws the observer into her world, tapping into a broad range of emotions. The intention is always to create art that moves and lifts you out of the ordinary world but can often be very personal in its meaning to the individual.

  • Attending the 2021 London Art Biennale

The London Art Biennale attracts a wide audience of art appreciators and is open to the public for attendance. General admission to the London Art Biennale is open to the public and free from Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th July. The Biennale is hosted at the historic Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, and the admission can be booked here.

A full breakdown of the information about attending the event can be viewed here:

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