Abstract painting for family and family portrait photography. Abstract vs realism.

Abstract art does not strive to represent reality as it really is; it uses shapes, lines, gestures and instinct to make its mark.

All types of arts are mirrors of the artists, but abstract art leaves its creators all the freedom to express themselves.

Abstract art can apply to all subjects: objects, figures, landscapes and so on… It can spread when forms have been simplified when they have been transformed into schemes, where lines, shapes, and geometry take the place of a descriptive touch.

This way, totally unleashed from fixed rules, is the gateway to other dimensions, where artists can share their viewpoint in regards to other elements like simplicity, order, purity; it’s the artist’s domain where introspection is king and ideas take shape.

A work of art is, for definition, something that exists to itself; it has not any practical aim; it exists for the pleasure of the artist and the further owner. It is also true for the modern works of art, and maybe it is more accurate, as the audience that will mirror into them is much smaller than for other movements of art.

There are ideas from the artist and the client behind every abstract art painting, who often tells the artist what it will draw from the artwork.

To understand and then enjoy abstract art, it is required to have an open mind and a vast imagination. It is valid for all works of art, but it is especially true for modern art; you must be able to project yourself into the work of art, into the painting, without brakes and just melt into it.

More than other kinds of arts, modern art, and primarily abstract, is open to interpretation. It is what matters: the same painting can have two completely different meaning for different people, and they can eventually be completely different. This is probably the best aspect of abstract art: you can look at it, and you have the freedom to take from it whatever you want, and you will always be right!

But abstract art is not for everyone! Someone looks at a painting and thinks it does not make any sense or that a child would have been able to do something better. If you have this critical approach of looking for a “real” visual meaning to abstract art, you should change your target. Understanding abstract art (or giving it meaning) is not for everybody; it is about ourselves, about how we approach life, if we are analytical people or if we prefer our intuitive side. It does not mean that some people are right and others are not about abstract art; it just means it has a different impact on different people, and it is beautiful and ordinary.

Abstract art is about colour, lines, light, form, composition, texture and pattern; they are the artist’s mediums to describe the world.

Now that we have described abstract art let’s think of something that is at the antipodes like, for example, photography. Photography is the art of catching the world how it is in a specific moment. It represents an accurate description of visual reality.

Family portrait photography is well-known in the UK and the US. Even if they come under the same umbrella, there can be very different approaches to it. Some photographers are loyal to the old school and run studio books with family members in “traditional” poses. They often use filters and backgrounds that transmit a sense of custom.

Others prefer to take pictures outdoors; some prefer to let people pose, it does not matter if, in a studio or a field. Others prefer to take random photos when the subjects do not expect it.

Depending on the kind of approach, a family portrait photoshoot can vary between £150 until £500.

Now, thinking about family portrait photography, why should we choose an abstract painting for the family? The answer is easy, and it is again about you and your family, about who you are and what you want to achieve.

If you are looking for a picture to frame and hang that shows how you and your family appeared in a specific period of your life, traditional family portrait photography may be the best choice.

You should choose an abstract family portrait if:

  • you are looking at something out of the box that represents you and your family from a different perspective
  • if you aim to discover how others see you from outside
  • if you are looking for something to enjoy every day of your life and possibly to learn day by day

My name is Alessandra Viola, and I’ve loved art since I was a child. My work has been chiefly abstract, but I am now investigating tangible human elements in my art. You can visit my online gallery and see if some of my unique works can inspire you.

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