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Acrylic painting  techniques are different styles of manipulating and working with polymer-based acrylic paints. They have shorter drying times (as little as 10 minutes) and are soluble in water. These types of paintings eliminate the need for turpentine and gesso, and can be applied directly on wall or onto canvas.

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf, which is created by hammering gold into very thin sheets, is used to gild paintings, sculptures and architectural details. In art, the use of Gold Leaf is perhaps most closely associated with the technique of “Gold Ground”, a process that involves applying gold leaf to a wooden panel and using a burnisher to create a resplendent shine.


Plaster, also known as Gesso, is a traditional mix of an animal glue binder chalk, and white pigment used to coat rigid surfaces such as wooden painting panels as an absorbent primer coat substrate for painting. The colour of gesso is usually white or off-white. Its absorbency makes it work with all painting media, including water-based media, different types of tempera and oil paint. It is also used as a base on three-dimensional surfaces for the application of paint or gold leaf.

About Me

A Little Intro

My name is Alessandra Viola and I am an abstract painter.

I started my career creating magical environments for children for many years, but when I moved to London in 2014 I wanted to express myself through my own works. So I have created a studio in my flat. It gives me many chances to dedicate every free moment to my passion.

It makes me feel free, it is my time without time, I am painting following my mood, feelings and my energy slide on the canvas through my brushes.

Each painting has its own story, it is my perception of the world in constant evolution.

Art can be expressed in many ways, it is up to each of us to find our own.

My Experience

I am self-taught but have also attended several courses in an art institute in Rome where I honed my skills with different painting techniques. Most of my works have been sold online around the world, but also I have taken part in several group exhibitions in Rome.


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